How To Be Free

It’s quite embarrassing to admit how the imposition of a vaccine mandate disrupted my inner peace.  It is frightening how quickly the forces of oppression can draw you away from your interior disposition.  An internal peace that was a long time coming for me and finally arrived upon my surrender to live under the rule of Jesus Christ in 2014.

Since that moment when Grace entered my soul and healed the damage that I inflicted on it for nearly 40 years, I have followed His instructions by listening to the institution He put in charge of His earthly tenants. 

“I will give you (Peter) the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 16:19

Through Peter and His Apostles and through subsequent apostolic succession, the Catholic Church has been a source of instruction and hope for the followers of Christ.

Through its two-thousand-year development, the Church has been responsible for freeing man’s soul by binding them to Our Risen Lord.

The Church was established so that the world could become a slave to Christ.  At first a shocking image when compared to the atrocities of human slavery or the hellish slavery that addiction imposes on us.

But unlike the masters of the underworld or earthly governments, our Master, Christ Jesus, serves us. He is meek and humble of heart. He bears our burdens.  He enlightens our minds.  Where worldly kings and the terror of demons oppress us in fear, Christ frees us with an eternal hope of glory beyond measure.  A freedom that is full realized when our mind, body and soul become fully united with His.

How quickly I forgot this when I was humiliated in public or through correspondence with university officials who attempted to shame my son into performing a medical intervention against his will.

How quickly I narrow mindedly erased seven years of fruits that the Catholic Church has bore for my family because of their current leaders’ decisions to accept the COVID doctrines.  Their misguided choices do not nullify the veracity of the Roman Catholic Church anymore than Jesus’ choice to make Judas one of His disciples nullify Him as the Messiah.

Judas, the first bishop to reject Christ, would not be the only.  And today’s Bishops who choose to be a slave to the flesh will not be the last to reject Our Sovereign Ruler.

Which brings me to the point of this article.  If we can’t trust world or church leaders, how can be free?  The oppression will only get worse.  The government’s investments on software and technology to track us will not be thrown out when this pandemic is over.  The pandemic will never be over.  The rulers of the world and their demonic influencers will only become bolder and more overt in their attempts to disenable individual freedoms.

The more the Catholic Church cozies up to the government’s plans to make a better earth, the more they will become distracted from their mission to save souls for Heaven. 

So how can we be free?

Boethius, a philosopher and martyr of the Catholic Church from 524 AD stated that “The human soul, in essence enjoys its highest freedom when it remains in the contemplation of God’s mind.”  And there it is.  Freedom is purely an interior disposition.  No amount of oppression or forcible confinement can confine a person whose mind is focused on Jesus Christ.

This includes the oppression from the leaders of His Church.  Their errors and blatant diversion from the foundational elements of scripture, the Church Fathers, Augustinian and Thomistic philosophy have no bearing or bear no authority to the soul that grafts itself to the established truth and doctrines of the Catholic Faith.

Throughout history there are Popes and peasants that lived in a time where the Church bore fruit for their followers and the world at large.  Look to these eras and find the Saints that wrote to future generations.  Listen to what they said.  Live out their practices and emulate their devotion.  By doing so, you will find that peaceful, blessed freedom that world governments and the new church are trying to manufacture, but only making worse.

You can only remain in the contemplation of God’s mind when your mind is filled with Godly things.  It is comforting to know how quickly the forces of freedom can draw you back into your peaceful, interior disposition when you choose the right Person to listen to.

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