From Hero to Heathen

Remember the good ole days at the beginning of the pandemic when little boys and girls would craft together beautiful signs to hang in their front window.


Now only a few months later, the government is firing these same heroes for not joining Club Vax.  Children across the land will be ripping up their signs and replacing them with:


A heathen is a person who does not belong to a widely held religion. Usually this term is associated with organized religions like Christianity, but as organized religions decline, state groups have begun to monopolize the heathen label and associate it with anyone who doesn’t follow their dictatorial mandates.

Maybe they don’t actually call you a heathen.  But actions are stronger than words as they prevent you from going out to dinner, watching a movie or from resuscitating someone back to life.

We went into lockdowns despite very few people coming into contact with COVID.  It was odd.  We shut down the entire country but most people didn’t even know someone who had COVID.  Actually, most people didn’t even know someone who knew someone who had COVID.  Kevin Bacon lost his spot as the central figure in the 6-degrees of separation game.

But we were told that the hospitals were overrun.  They didn’t show us inside, but they assured us that healthcare workers were having a horrible time keeping up with the cases.  The healthcare heroes were at a tipping point and won’t be able to take it any longer.  We shut down our economy and stayed home for their sake.

Question.  Wouldn’t 100% of healthcare workers want to get the vaccine if they witnessed what was being reported?  Especially because they are in the medical field. If any segment of the population would agree to be 100% fully vaccinated, it would be them, right?  Wrong.

Secondly, the whole reason we had to wear masks and get the vaccine was so that we don’t topple our healthcare system.  “We just don’t have enough doctors and nurses to contend with this pandemic.”, they would say.  We must all get vaccinated so that the healthcare system can survive.

Question.  If the healthcare system is already incapable of managing the pandemic, why would you fire staff?  If the whole purpose of the vaccine is to help the healthcare system cope, why would you do anything to cause more burden?

I don’t blame the politicians and the healthcare executives for making this move.  Nothing they have done over the last 18 months has made sense and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

But I do blame every single person that ever posted something on social media about our healthcare heroes.  I blame anyone who put a sign on their lawn.  Anyone who glorified them with a hashtag.  I blame ever business that advertised discounts they were giving to a healthcare hero but will no longer let them sit in their establishment to have a meal.

You are to blame for watching them die on frontlines as you exploited them on your Instagram account. Now that they don’t fall within your narrow little box of virtuous fads, you burn them at the stake like the healthcare heathens they are.

I wasn’t one that touted the “Healthcare Hero” mantra.  Not that I didn’t appreciate what they were doing, but I’m very skeptical of Soviet-style propaganda slogans.  But now that the Healthcare Heroes have fallen from grace, I am proud to publish that they will always be a healthcare hero to me, regardless of what their personal medical records state.

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