Good Catholics

Everything that is right in the world today is the result of Roman Catholics.  In a previous post, I took the negative view and postulated that bad Catholics were to blame for the world’s troubles.  Today, I take the much more positive and hopeful stance that the world is good because of good Catholics.

That is not to say that other faiths don’t produce good people and make elements of the world better.  In fact, even atheists and agnostics can be good people that affect the world positively.

But the fullness of a sacramental goodness is only found in the Roman Catholic Church.  A goodness that penetrates man’s innate desire for evil.  A goodness that is the antidote to selfishness with its cooperation in Christ’s redemptive act of forgiveness on Mount Calvary, re-presented daily through millenniums of the Holy Mass.

Christianity is not an ethic.  It is a transcendentally lived experience that bridges the material and spiritual world through its Sacraments.  Without Sacraments, Christianity is nothing more than scripture and prayer.  Necessary elements of a Christian life, but insufficient and inconsistent with Christ’s own words.

Every Christian knows though scripture that Baptism cleanses us of sin and gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).  Every Christian knows through scripture that the Holy Eucharist is necessary for eternal life (John 6:53). Every Christian knows that there is a type of sin that is mortal and leads to death (1 John 5:17).  Every Christian knows that Christ anointed priests and gave them authority to forgive these mortal sins (John 20:23).  Every Christian knows that the sick can receive an anointing before death so that they will be raised up (James 5:14-15).

Being a good Catholic is nothing more than living a Sacramental life.  Baptizing their children and raising them to follow Christ’s instructions which have endured by way of dogmatization in His Church’s catechism.  Attending Holy Mass every Sunday so that the Sacrament of Christ’s unconditional act of love can fill them with spiritual power to face a week of toil and temptation.  Worthily receiving this Blessed Sacrament by firstly humbling themselves before Christ’s ministers, confessing their sins, making them conductors of the Holy Spirit in a state of Grace.

Being a good Catholic is using sacramentals like the Holy Rosary, Holy Water and Icons to devote themselves and their surrounding towards sanctification.  Following the daily Missal to live a full and liturgical life inside the Church and home.  Asking the communion of Saints, on their daily Feast Days, to intercede and request Our Lord’s blessings. Observing penitential acts of fasting and prayer, giving alms and performing corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Being a good Catholic means people know you are Catholic.  Not because of the words you preach, but by the way you act.  Catholic men are classy, brave, and respectful.  Catholic women are modest, pious, and dignified.

These good Catholics bring the Sacraments into the world.  As vessels of Christ’s grace, they build strong children, communities, businesses, institutions, and the Church itself.

Where bad Catholics have destroyed the world by becoming part of the world, good Catholics set themselves apart so they can heal these spiritual wounds by living a life of obedience to Christ the King.

On this Feast Day of the Holy Rosary, let us reflect on what good Catholics do for our world.  Like the Battle of Lepanto, where western civilization was saved from the barbaric invasion of the Ottoman Empire, it is good Catholics that will save us from the invasion of the unholy worship of man.  They save us by simply baptizing their children, going to confession, and going to Mass in their unwavering cooperation with Christ’s redemptive mission to save the whole world.

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