The Debate is Over

The Pro-life movement should flourish more than ever. Not because science proved that life begins at conception. Not because 4D ultrasounds reveal to our senses what science proves. The Pro-life movement should flourish more than ever because all the world’s governments have finally sided with Pro-lifers to argue against personal autonomy in decisions for healthcare.

The vaccine mandate has literally poked holes in the “My body, my choice” mantra. Therefore the selfish justification for murder should no longer hold true. The media tells us the majority of Canadians believe people shouldn’t get a choice to vaccinate or not. For the good of the common good, you must go against your own conscience or personal freedoms when it comes to healthcare. I’m sure this majority must also agree that for the good of the common unborn baby, this lack of personal freedom in healthcare should also hold true.

Thank you progressives. Thank you for arguing against your own point and proving that we should not allow for so-called “reproductive rights” to exist.

Unfortunately, just like the science argument, common sense will not prevail and these senseless murders will continue to occur. They will find another loophole to their loophole.

Which is why it is more important than ever to live a life of virtue and sacrifice. We will not convince or change people’s hearts or minds. But our personal contrition will lift our prayers higher and perhaps Our Lord will rid the world of this scorn to mankind.

Watch my talk from a few year’s ago where I dive alot deeper into this topic.

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