Limp Country

We live in a country of weakness. Which could be noble since acknowledgment of one’s personal weakness is virtuous. Humility being the virtue that will most rapidly set you on a path towards the infinite strength of divine Grace (2 Cor 12:9).

False humility, on the other hand, is camouflaged pride.  It usually involves making bold, weeping statements of shame followed up with actions that are inconsistent with the dramatic verbal contrition.  Like a Prime Minister who demonizes his predecessors for their crimes against indigenous people, while he continues to let their current generation drink poisoned water.  Like a Prime Minister declaring a National Day of Reconciliation and Truth and then taking the day off for a vacation.  

For an administration that believes we can somehow save the world from new weather patterns, they can’t even clean the water in their backyard. Trudeau is great at pontificating about indigenous issues from his Justinian throne of video cameras, but then takes his new stat day off and surfs the BC Coast.

Do the indigenous people really have confidence that a country that can’t even fly their national symbol fully erect, will lead us through reconciliation and truth? That a leader who continuously lies about his lying, be the bridge to a new found peace.

I know.  Get with the times.  The “new leadership” is all about giving everyone else power to do what they want.  That way, you don’t have to make any difficult decisions, and no one can make you accountable.

We’ll lower our flags to half-mast and let someone else tell us when we can put it up again.

I can see how this would be a peaceful gesture if it wasn’t coming from a person that was such a schizophrenic virtue signaler. 

“I am a feminist”, as I demean the women in my cabinet.

“Every child matters”, as I make it easier to kill your baby.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and befriending some indigenous people in my life.  I have a warm heart for them.  You can sense their suffering as though it’s been grafted into their essence. 

I do not believe that the suffering was a result of Christians revealing the Way, Truth and Life to them.  I believe their suffering stems from the civic injustices they faced as a people and as a nation.

I also believe that it will take firm and fortuitous leadership to integrate their historical beliefs with a modern way of living.  Not one that is segregated as separate nations but as a united component of a diverse organization called Canada.

Visible limpness is uninspiring.  It does not enthuse confidence.  

I don’t want to be lead by the limp wolf walking around with the curled up paw.  I choose the Alpha who will grab that wolf by the neck and drag him to safety.

False weakness is not a sign of strength.  It is a sign of indifference.  And indifference is worse than hate.

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