Church of Covid

The Covid phenomenon is the maturation of an antithetical church, organically grown since the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche declared “God is dead” 140 years ago.

Often misunderstood as a statement that promoted the elimination of God, Nietzsche warned that a godless world would deconstruct the foundations of society that were built by Deists; leaving a void to be filled by man. 

Dr. Jordan Peterson extrapolates Neitzsche’s thought by using the psychological analysis of Jung and Freud to postulate that we are destined to search for something beyond ourselves to fill this void.  Once we eliminate this “Being” of perfection from our world view, our predisposition for the religious ideal is replaced by lesser ideals and forms of worship. 

Archbishop Fulton Sheen, a student of psychology himself, gives tangible examples of how when the Church drops something, the world picks it up.  As Catholics stopped praying the holy Rosary through the 1960’s, the hippies began wearing them around their neck.  As more and more people stopped going to confession, the business of psychology and psychiatry sky-rocketed.

As we replace true religion with worldly mimicry, we desperately search for a saviour to solve the material imperfections in our utopian cathedral.  Natural hierarchal structure emulated in traditional religion is replaced with a flat structure where everyone is christ. 

The developmental psychologist, Piaget, theorized that later adolescence reaches a messianic stage that drives a zealousness to solve world concerns.  This primes us to join “a cause” between the ages of 17-25.  Within the constrains of a religious oriented world, this messianic stage naturally evolves into the worship of God in later adulthood.  We drop this egocentric saviour mentality and right order our belief towards an omnipotent Being that redeems us.  However, in a world without God, this messianic stage is prolonged and intensified throughout adulthood and could be the psychological explanation for the global social justice crusades.

Another common occurrence during this adolescent stage is the constant demonizing of the world without and a neglect to battle the demons within.  Many of us have experienced this in our own adolescence.  We perceived our parents, teachers and other authority figures as ignorant and suppressive.  Until one day, after maturity, one comes to realize one’s own self-ignorance and reflects on how wise their once perceived oppressors really were.

When you combine the never-ending messianic urge with an adolescent attitude of pointing fingers, you end up with an army of soldiers trying to save the world’s weather, ending cultural imbalances and managing a corona virus.

A godless world is primed for the advent of humanistic religion.  Lockdown churches and people will congregate in the street, burning houses instead incense.  Remove personal accountability and every race and gender becomes a victim, cancelling culture instead of cancelling their sins.

Though this anti-church is not something that was born out of the pandemic, its psychological propaganda and control measures intensified the slow boiling vessel of materialism until its powerful steam drove our modern civilization into a machination of fear and despair.

It doesn’t take the eyes of a visionary to witness the irony of how the antithetical church organized its global response to the Covid pandemic.  What the church drops, the world picks up.

Instead of dipping your hand into holy water before entering the Church, we dip our hands in sanitizer everywhere we go.

Instead of women veiling their heads to protect their sacredness and dignity, everyone must veil their face to protect others from their own vileness and looming death.

Liturgical rubrics are replaced with social distance and direction markers.  Popes and bishops are replaced with the WHO and Chief Medical Officers, developing doctrines and distributing their catechisms around the world.

The pinnacle of this antithetical Church being the rite of initiation where one must be baptized by the power of the vaccine if one wants to be a member of the laity.

For those whose God is alive, and truly risen, this antithetical church is just another heretical sect, replacing the ideal God-man, Jesus Christ, with an anti-christ, intended to lure one away with its mortal charms in an effort to prevent you from reaching your destined immortality.

Which church do you belong to?

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