Journal Therapy

With only 32% of the popular vote, most Canadians are waking up like me today, disenfranchised, frustrated and indifferent.

Two thirds of our electorate didn’t get their choice of government.  Unlike elections of the past, the stakes weren’t just free markets versus social programs or how much we should spend on the military.  Politics is no longer about “kitchen table” policies.  It is now ideological at its core, dividing Canadians into opposite sides of an agenda-driven divide.

What now?  What am I to do when the leader of my country tells me that I am only half a citizen when I am unvaccinated?  How do I reconcile my common sense with the insanity of applying my taxes to only pay interest on our burgeoning national debt?  How do I navigate fatherhood when my children are programmed to oppose our family’s value system?  

Journal therapy can be used to heal a writer’s emotional problems or work through a trauma, such as an illness, addiction, or in this case, living in a country where you are diametrically opposed to the government’s values, ideas and mandates.

Therefore, I will write.  I will externalize my experience as a majority citizen forced to follow minority rules.

I invite you to join me in this process as I write my opinions and feelings on current events and social policies.  Feel free to comment with your opinions or start your own ongoing journal.

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